(Served from 0900am – 1115am)

Eggs on toast
(2 slices of bread & 2 eggs)                     £3.80

Beans on toast (2 slices)                                                              £3.00

Mushrooms on toast (2 slices)                                                        £3.80

Bacon and Eggs on toast (2 slices)                                                 £4.95

Smoked salmon and Scrambled eggs on toast (2 slices)         £6.80

Bacon / Sausage sandwich                      £3.70

Hand cut toast – 2 slices served with butter and jam                   £2.00

Eggs Benedict  (2 poached eggs, ham & hollandaise sauce  on a toasted muffin)   £4.35

Eggs Royale  (2 poached eggs, smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce  on a toasted muffin)   £5.25

Crumpets – 2 toasted crumpets served with butter and jam         £1.75


Forge Fry Up    Bacon, egg, sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, beans , plum tomato, black pudding, toast.                                                   £5.80

Formidable Forge Fry Up       2 Bacon, 2 eggs, 2 plum tomatos, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, toast.                              £7.00

Fried bread if the cooks in a good mood.

(Served from 11.45am to 2.30pm)

HOMEMADE SOUP – Served with hand cut white or granary bread                                                                      £4.60

SOUP & SANDWICH COMBO – Combine our homemade soup with a Sandwich or Wrap                                            £7.80(+80p for bacon)

QUICHE OF THE DAY – Served with salad, homemade coleslaw and kettle chips                                                            £6.95

HOMEMADE BEEF CHILLI – A ‘not too spicy’ homemade chilli served with boiled rice                                 £7.45

VEGETABLE CURRY – A sweet potato, chick pea & spinach curry.
Served with boiled rice, nan bread & mango chutney.                                                                   £7.45

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA– Roasted chunks of chicken tikka in a spicy sauce.
Served with boiled rice, nan bread & mango chutney.                                                                   £7.45

SMOKED SALMON & SCRAMBLED EGG – Served on two slices of toast.                                                                           £7.45

PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH – mature cheddar cheese or ham.
Freshly cut bread, crisp salad, homemade coleslaw, pickles, chutney & apple                         £7.45                                        

STEAK & ALE SUET PUDDIN’- Served with new potatoes, peas, carrots & gravy                                                £7.45

LAMB & MINT SUET PUDDIN’- Served with new potatoes, peas, carrots & gravy                                              £7.45


SANDWICHESOn white or granary bread, served with homemade coleslaw & Kettle chips.

Mature cheddar cheese with cider chutney or coleslaw                        £5.50

Ham salad                                                               £5.70

Free range egg mayonnaise & cress,                                                             £5.50

BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise                                              £5.95

BBLC – bacon, brie, lettuce & cranberry sauce                                         £6.50


WRAPS A soft tortilla served with homemade coleslaw, side salad & Kettle chips                     

Brie, grape, cranberry & lettuce                                                             £5.60

Coronation chicken                                                                                     £5.95

Tuna mayonnaise &    cucumber                                                                £5.50

Mature cheddar cheese & coleslaw                                                        £5.50                              

JACKET POTATOES Served with salad and a choice of fillings:

Baked beans, cheese, tuna mayonnaise, coleslaw                               £6.00
Coronation chicken or chilli                                                                       £6.75

Add 80p for each additional filling


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