Drinks & Cakes

Espresso, Macchiato, Americano                                                   £1.95
Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha                                                                £2.50

Flat White                                                                                               £2.80

Add vanilla, mint, hazelnut, gingerbread, amaretto syrup                     50p

Hot Chocolate                                                                             £2.50

Luxury Hot Chocolate- served with whipped cream and a flake        £3.00

Pot of tea for one                                                                        £1.85

Speciality teas:                                                                           £1.95

Earl Grey, Lady Grey, peppermint, green, camomile, fruit

Milkshakes:                                                                                £1.70  

Strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla

Luxury Milkshakes – served with whipped cream and a flake            £2.50

Luscombe Organic Sparkling Soft drink:                                      £2.95

Sicilian lemonade, raspberry crush,
hot ginger beer, cool ginger beer, elderflower bubbly

Breckland Orchard ‘Posh Pop’                                                  £2.30

Plum & cherry, strawberry & rhubarb, dandelion & burdock

Chegworths Fruit Juice:                                                              £2.10

Apple, pear& apple, apple & strawberry, apple & rhubarb, apple & elderflower

Coke / Diet Coke                                                                                 £1.60

Mineral Water  Still or Sparkling                                                   £1.60


The Old Forge Cream Tea- fruit scone with clotted cream, jam & a pot of tea             £4.40

Fruit Scone:  with butter and jam                                                                                    £2.30

with jam and clotted cream                                                                                                £2.65

Homemade Bakewell Tart- served with custard, cream or ice cream                                     £4.65

Homemade Apple Crumble – served with custard cream or ice cream                                  £4.65

Spotted dick or Syrup Sponge or Sticky Toffee Pudding – served with custard cream or ice cream                                  £4.50

The Old Forge Cake cabinet will contain some additional treats, many gluten free!!!

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